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Hello! Welcome to our site. We are a group of independent developers.
Our activity is providing affordable websites for small businesses.
We provide websites for small businesses in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

Here you can order any website if it's a landing page.


What exactly do you provide?

We make websites for small business. They help people to expand their businesses by marketing themselves on the Internet.
Specifically, we develop small sites and landing pages. They are more useful and can cover 99% of all business's needs.

Why is it so cheap?

When you have 2 apples and you share 1 apple with a friend, you have 1 apple left.
When you have information and you share it with a friend, you still have all this information (you do not lose anything).
Sites are information. It would be unfair to charge money for something that can be redistributed over and over for free.
You pay for our time, human resources and technical needs.

What exactly will I get?
  1. Website design that is made in Photoshop. (billed once $ 49)
  2. Website which is made according to the design. (billed once $ 49)
  3. Hosting, domain and security certificate. (billed annually $ 49)
  4. Placement in search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo. Setting up Google Ads. (billed once $ 49)
  5. Maintenance and technical support. (billed annually $ 49)
How do you work? What guarantees do you provide? We work in stages. Payment is in installments after each completed stage.
Thus, we insure you (you will definitely get what you paid for) and us (we make sure that you are serious).
You can opt out of the services provided at any stage. Money for the passed stages will not be returned.
Tell us more about the stages. Everything is transparent and you control the process by yourself.
Read more below.
Stage I
  1. You leave a request with a description of your business.
  2. We inform you about the acceptance of the order and clarify the details.
  3. We make the design in accordance with the provided information.
  4. You get the image of the finished design for consideration.
  5. If you have any wishes or recommendations - send them to us and we return to point 3.
    If everything is ok, you approve the result, and we move on to the step 6.
  6. After the design is approved, you will get all the necessary template files (PSD, TTF, etc.).
  7. You pay for the completed stage 49$
Stage II
  1. Website creation in accordance with the design and requirements.
  2. Adaptation for mobile devices and high-resolution screens.
  3. Installation on a test server and provision of a temporary domain name.
  4. Testing with your participation.
  5. You can suggest changes to the functionality of the site, then move on to to step 1.
    If everything is ok, you approve the result, and we move on to to the step 6.
  6. After approval, you will receive an archive with the whole content of the site (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, TTF, SQL files).
  7. You pay for the completed stage 49$.
Stage III
  1. Installing the site on the main hosting.
  2. Purchasing a domain name in accordance with your business or company name.
  3. We purchase an SSL security certificate for your new website.
  4. You pay 49$ for the completed stage (further billed annually).
Stage IV
  1. We add the site to the search indexing.
  2. Create the Google Awards page.
  3. Select the list of requests in accordance with the site content.
  4. Calculate the budget and time of advertising display.
  5. You pay 49$ for the passed stage.
Stage V Stage V - technical support for 1 year for insurance of unseen circumstances 49 $.
Further payments are billed only for stages 3 and 5.
Hosting, domain, SSL certificate, technical support and insurance require an annual renewal.
What is technical support? And what if I refuse it? Technical support - service of changing code and solving issues.
If you refuse stage 5 you should commit changes in code by yourself.
Adding articles, photos, videos. All of them require special code.
Which one CMS do you use? No one!
CMS are super heavy for small sites. That makes issues with loading and rendering.
We prefer to make unique admin panels for each site directly, if it's essential.
Do you provide SEO? No, we don't.
This is not our speciality.
We do prepare advertising settings.
Still. We can find a SEO specialist for you!

What site is

Business showcase

Site significantly improves the reputation of the company. A business that does not present itself on the Internet is perceived by potential clients as a company that does not value its reputation!

Office 24/7

With development of the network, amount of people who may be interested in your product or service also grows. Your site is able to answer most of visitors' questions and thereby relieve burden on the company's employees.

Business card

It informs the client about the activities of the company, its products, services, competitive advantages and conditions of cooperation, and also provides contact information.

Automated marketing

High-quality web resource can bring clients without outside help. A business that does not present itself on the Internet receives approximately 40 to 80 percent of its customers.

Own mass media

The ability of publishing news related to your activities, services, etc. This item has a positive effect SEO, the number of site visitors, their interest and conversion.

Cheapest kind of advertising

Doesn't require printing expenses.


All prices are fixed

Full stack

Landing page with your content (texts, photos, videos, etc.)
+ first year of maintaining as a bonus.


Making design

PSD design
TTF files


Making template



Preparing ads.

Semantic core
Calculating budget
Targeting areas and auditories



Domain name
SSL Certificate

49$ annually


Editing code
Changing structure

49$ annually

Service list

We provide
  • Good looking design
  • Making adaptive template
  • Registration in search systems
  • Marks on maps
  • E-mail notifications
  • Telegram notifications
  • Hosting
  • Domain name
  • SSL
  • Semantic core
  • Setting up ads.
We don't provide
  • Texts (Cause we can't know your business better than you)
  • SEO (But we can find a specialist for you)
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